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About us

BFWE has grown out of a long history of organizing business women in Bangladesh. In 1994, the founding members of BFWE started the Women Entrepreneurs Association (WEA). In 1996, the Women in Small Enterprise (WISE) was formed and finally in 2006, this work was consolidited under the umbrella of the BFWE.

Our history

The first formal meeting held on Thursday of 8th June 2006 at Red Crescent Concord Tower, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Many Women Entrepreneurs and renowned Business Women attended the meeting. They undertook a concrete decision to build a strong & powerful Confederation to help each other and to face various challenges while running a business in various sectors. The federation was named as “Bangladesh Federation of Women Entrepreneurs”. In the meeting all participants requested Ms. Rokia Afzal Rahman to take the responsibility to materialize the vision of the Federation and elected her as the President.

On 29th June 2006, the General Meeting was held at Red Crescent Concord Tower, Mohakhali, Dhaka. Many women entrepreneurs and business women attended the meeting. An Executive Committee (EC) consisting of 13 members was established by direct voting of the attended women entrepreneurs. It was decided that the EC will develop plans, programs of the Federation and execute it to build at a strong foundation for women’s advancement in different spheres especially in the business sector.

The first promoters of the Federation are the following:

Women Entrepreeurs Association – WEA.

Bachte Shekha – Jessore.

TMSS – Bogra.

Women in Small Enterprises – WISE.

Khulna Women Entrepreneurs Association.

Monjulika Chakma – Rangamati.

Chittagong Women Entrepreneurs Association.

Mini Mart.

And many other individual women entrepreneurs.

Launching of bfwe

The inaugural ceremony was held on the 9th October 2006 in Dhaka with the then Minister of Foreign Affairs as Chief Guest and the ADB Country Director Ms. Hua Du as Special.

Our Composition


Any women entrepreneurs or its representative can be a legal member of BFWE by paying a subscription and with the consent of the Executive Committee of BFWE. All members have their rights to express their suggestions, opinions and give vote.

Executive Committee

Members will select through a voting process members of the Executive Committee. An Executive committee consisting of 13 members is constituted. All these 13 members are elected through votes of members. The Executive Committee comprises – one president + three vice president + one general secretary + one treasurer + one publicity secretary + six members of the Bangladesh Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (BFWE).

Election will be held every two years in order to select the members of the Executive Committee.

Would you like to join with us?