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Bangladesh Federation
Women Entrepreneurs

Bangladesh Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (BFWE), founded in 2006, is a non-profit professional organization in Bangladesh. BFWE offers a wide range of benefits and networking opportunities. BFWE encourages women to support each other, to enhance recognition of the achievements of women in business and the professions, and promotes the growth of women-owned enterprises through research and sharing information. BFWE is pledged to the highest ethical standards and professional practices; recognizes local and global environmental and social issues.

Our Vision

The vision of BFWE is to serve as a platform that would accelerate women’s economic empowerment in Bangladesh.

Our Goal

The goal of BFWE is to provide an environment for women entrepreneurs in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh whereby they would grow and develop their fullest potential as business entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

The mission of BFWE is to serve as a platform that would do the following: 
– initiate informal and formal networking.
– encourage, support, and promote women business owners and entrepreneurs.
– represent all facets of women-owned businesses.
– participate in national and international trade missions and conferences.
– increase capacity through training.
– support In accessing capital.

up coming!

Bangladesh Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (BFWE), in collaboration with the European Union funded PRISM Project will hold a high-level roundtable consultation meeting - how to enhance business trend
among women on Monday, 29th April 2019, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Daily Star, Azimur Rahman Conference Hall. 

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